Thursday, December 20, 2012

SUGAR RUSH I must admit that I am really mad about myself right now, I never miss my monthly Monday post but this week-end and week has been quite crazy so at least for health matters, I decided to use the free time to sleep, which ended up to be a really good decision, my body definitely said thank you. It's amazing how there's some extremely full times of the year where you gotta rush from one place to another or study like a book-a-holic (because all the controls are stuck in one month) and then much more relaxed ones.

 I'm anyways looking forward to Christmas, even I'm not celebrating it since I'm Muslim but I love how do people start preparing for it, it's Christmas spirit, and feel the need to spend some cozy time with my family at home around a nice meal. And let's not even mention New Year's Eve, that's going to be a great celebration. Do you folks have some interesting things planned? Since I didn't have much time to prepare pictures for a story article, I wanted to share with you guys some of my highlight instagram pictures, just because I know that some of you don't have an I-phone or Android so that way you can all also enjoy some pictures I take every single day through the little camera of my mobile phone. Lots of kisses and see you soon (Can't wait to show you all the amazing shots I took, just need to find a quiet moment to edit!).

Delicious dish before sleeping! It's one of my favorite kind of salad// What do you think about my Simpsons socks?
Eating my favorite kind of desserts: Harreseh and working on my project for Marketing lesson// I doubt that you envy me for having such a great hairstyle. 

Goodmorning everybody, I was so lazy, I wakeup at 1 PM! Can you see something weird? // My mini healthy dinner for tonight: Nablusi cheese with cucumber!

Pause the life with Twix :) // From the floor No.20 in Regency palace hotel, here is Amman at night!

Had a great time with my family Regency palace hotel! // Some fruits while studying to refill my energy! 

Went to buy new mobilephone but I didn't find my favorite! What do you think about GalaxyNote? // Perfect kind of breakfast to feel you're in heaven 

Working on my Marketing project about consumer buying decision process and eating Peanut Butter// The weather isn't kidding! Fog, rain and winds... Winter is here 

And the hell didn't finish yet! I was studying like a crazy person because of my mid-term exams // Today's lunch: World's delicious Fillet done by my mum ;)

This is how we start Friday! Eating some of traditional Arabian dishes at morning: Homous// Sunshine in my way to the university at 7:30AM

Am I the only one who can't understand Statistics or what? // Don't you think that it's something good to wakeup and find this dount beside you? 

Spaghetti for late dinner with 2 kind of salad :) yummy! // How my faculty looks after we finished Statistics exam which was brought from Puckett Island! 

Who want white cream with cocoa & biscuits? ^^ // Greeting in a mathematical way. 

Morning in my university before starting the lecture! // Today's dessert: Sfoof :)
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