Saturday, December 22, 2012

CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL As some of you might already know, that I've just made a special new room at stardoll for the Christmas!Since we wanted to release something very festive and perfect for the end of the year, I got really inspired by the story '' Mille et Une Nuits'', it's mystical yet so luxurious spirit really felt right with the theme. I thought that we've seen enough red, or green this winter so why not try something a little different. In my opinion golden is the perfect color for Christmas, it is bright, glamorous and quite easy to wear.
For this occasion, of course I had to wear an outfit inspired by the colors of the Christmas tree. Luckily I found the perfect glitter sequin gold dress with R&B diva faux-fur for 6 stardollars from Archive. As soon as I saw this dress, I thought ''I found it, gotta get it and keep it!''. It was really the perfect match. I matched the dress with black and red Agate and Lava earrings for 12 stardollars, knotted gold necklace for 11 Stardollars from GlamRus and gold bracelet from for 11 Stardollars and green diamond ring for 10 Stardollars from Epiphany and finally strapped platform shoes with ebony stardust from Young Hollywood for 40 Stardollars.

Glitter sequin gold dress 
R&B diva faux-fur - Archive
Black and red Agate and Lava earrings
Knotted gold necklace - GlamRus 
Gold bracelet  - Epiphany 
Green diamond ring - Epiphany 
Strapped platform shoes  - Young Hollywood 
Ebony stardust - Young Hollywood 

Lots of kisses! xoxo

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