Saturday, November 24, 2012

 If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram you should know that so many pictures are waiting you in my monthly post "TwitGoodies"! I really need some sleep and I must admit that I'm quite excited that my exams are finished, and finally I'm going to have some free time with blogging and another things!I've been working and studying like a crazy person lately on new projects for the blog: a lot of E-mails, photo editing... etc.

Not to mention all the pictures I had to edit after I took them, because you might know that I shoot all the images of the blog but what you don't know since I don't think I have ever mentioned it is that I'm also the one who edits them, meaning that I make sure that the light is okay, play a little bit with the colors and make sure that the contrast is good such as the size of the images: and all of that takes quite a lot of time after-all, around 2 or 3 hours for one post in total. I really focus on quality and want to show you guys the best pictures possible, it's so important for me. I love doing this so much, more than anything actually you know. Sometimes I'm even speechless because of all the incredible paths and opportunities my blog has brought me to, I couldn't be more grateful and it motivates me to work as much as I can, and I mean... call it work, I would say it's more little taking care of a baby, giving it food and stuff, yep my blog is my babe, nothing's as exciting compared to that, I love it. 

I took the decision to avoid posting on week-end because it's friends and family time, not only for me but for you guys as well! So, it's time to go out and have fun. It is a perfect way to reload the batteries, right? So I hope you will enjoy this new TwitGoodies post which is filled with pictures from general shots of my little life. Wish you all a lovely end of the day and of course a splendid week-end!
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 In my way to the university, it was 7:30 AM // Had lovely hour at starbucks <3 font="font">

 Reorganizing my wardrobe for the winter! // I have never tried something like that before, 2 in 1 cotton candy & bubble gum <3 font="font">

 This is how I wake-up today! #happyfriday // I thought that I'm capable to prepare Kabab for the lunch, but I had a problem with that! :/

 Definitely, Cookies are the best to start your day! // Winter is here, don't forget to wear your colorful socks! 

 Every person should have his own way in being crazy and stupid ^^ // I wanna ask you guys: What do Trance & Techno music makes you feel? 

 Preparing some nuts for drinking Karawyea // And finally Karawyea is ready to drink, it's really the thing to drink at winter 

 How do my hair looks week ago! Wavy Wavy ^^  // Like every Eid, me and my mother prepared Ma'amoul for Eid Al-ad7a

 Got some chocolates from Samiramees // Great news: I passed my 3 qualification exams so I'm preparing Orange cake with my mum 

 Who haven't watched Ganganm style yet? // I really love white beans with rice! 

 Spent girly time with my sister. Manicure time with flormar ^^ // My daily routine: drinking tea and reading some blogs :D

 What a rainy weather outside! Winter is here ;) // Spent crazy night last week ago, photoshooted more than 133 picture x3 

 My lunch last week was filled with yogurt, so yummy ^^  // Horrible traffic jam last Wednesday

 Egg with some green herbals are really a great dish //  Definitely m&ms was the main factor that makes me love Marketing and getting 25 out of  30 in the exam!

 I'm feeling that my eyes looks much glamorous with eyeliner // Such a great lunch, grilled potato with cauliflower 

Love this high heel found it forever21 // Our dinner for our fasting day "Arafa day", Chicken with potato

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