Smokey Makeup Tutorial (VIDEO)

Friday, November 16, 2012

BEAUTY I was thinking about creating new post but I didn’t have great idea than creating new video showing up my talent in making Smokey makeup in stardoll since Nadine and Kayci (Our writers) are busy and both don’t have enough time to post here! And finally the video I have been now promising for weeks is finished, and I must say that filming is much more difficult than doing simple pictures. My clip was at first 20 minutes... Can you believe it? Seriously even I'm now wondering what I could have possibly shown during such a long time. Well I guess I did well and it's finally about four minutes long. 

 I am using for my eye make-up the white and black eyeshadow from DOT. Since I discovered this make-up, I'm a fan and wear in honestly everyday and it's really perfect for romantic look!I know I used so much makeup but it's SMOKEY so it must be like this! So finally, I hope you will enjoy the video and I hope I answered to your questions regarding my make-up routine, if you have any other request, please don't mind!
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