Pause The Life

Sunday, November 25, 2012

LIVE YOUR LIFE! I've always wanted to make a video looks like this one! Actually, the idea came up to me when I was in the university and I thought It would be such a great idea to make a video mixed from some photos which are taken in perfect time and makes you feel you're living in another world which I prefer call it "Luxury World" even for a few minutes! The background song, gives me a fantastic power that makes me do anything I don't love with lovely smile such as STUDYING! I know that most of us are dreaming to have a life looks like this one, but you have to remember that there are some people who are dreaming to have your life, those homeless people who don't have shelter from winter or summer, those who don't have a life!

Anyway, to tell me your opinion and don't forget to pause the life and take a photo for your lovely moments and thanks God for having everything :D
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  1. Great video!