Harrods for Stardoll

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Welcome to Harrods! While searching between videos on YouTube, I found this video which was uploaded by Stardoll T.V when they were at Harrods to celebrate the grand opening of the luxury shopping experience on Stardoll! 

When you start thinking about Harrods, many things comes into your mind! So, I was so excited to see the brands that it will be on starplaza, but I got disappointment when I saw some clothes are completely looks like Miss Sixty or Killah and they are so expensive plus they don't have any sense of fashionista (It's my opinion!). I mean, stardoll didn't choose the perfect shops to show it for us except Roberto Cavalli shop, it has great items with leopard patterns and they look really EPIC! And here are some items I chose them from Harrods! Hope you like them :D

Starting from left: Cat Head T-shirt - RYKIEL ENFANT, Ricamo Sweatshirt - Young Versage, Blue Mongolia Cardigan - Miss Grant, Beige Double Breasted Tranch - Roberto Cavalli, Floral Bag - Roberto Cavalli, Leopard Jeans - Roberto Cavalli
Starting from left: Bow Blazer - Scotch R'belle, Fuo Couture Jacket - Miss Grant, Leopard Print Scarf - Junior Gaultier, Ivory Skirt - Chloe, Rose Romantic Dress - John Gallino Kids, Matelasse Shoulder Bag - Supertrash Girls

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