Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inspiring from French morning, I've took some new pictures from new stuff me and my mother prepared them. My shoots for today is going to be hot Anise cup with sweet biscuits. Last week, I got so many lovely comments about my photography and so many of you encouraged me to make new posts related to my photo-shoots! So, I kept thinking about something new I could post about it, and then I choose Anise cup that will makes you feel relax when you're angry or gloomy with some biscuits we prepared them at home or you can take it at morning especially the winter is here. Feel free and tell me some ideas I can shoots about it, wish you all a happy Islamic new year :D

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  1. Happy New Islamic year to you too :)
    Aww this post is making me kinda hungry and cozy :)
    I love to eat hand made biscuits by my mom :) I don't know why these home made things are so tasty than anything :3


  2. Wow, amazing photos!
    This looks so delicious :)