Winter Hair Trends 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

While I was reading a magazine, a subject got my eyes to make a post about it! You know, girls hate winter because it damage our hair, but this season, getting that straight-off-the-catwalk hair is easier than ever with a series of trend-driven hairstyles. All these ideas are effortlessly chic and simple enough to accomplish just with a handful of hair clips, hairspray and hair bands. This is your Fall/Winter 2012 runway to reality hairstyle inspiration with some of my tips

Sleek and Straight
I couldn't tell you any secrets about how to get a look looks like that since I'm not having a hair bang! A good shine serum and exceptionally brilliant hair iron is your ideal way to attain this not-a-hair-out-of-place hairstyle. 

 Loose Locks
The get-out-of-bed-head look is the least complicated style to achieve this Fall. If you're lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair like me, allow your hair to air-dry it's the only secret to make you're hair looks naturally splendid without adding any mousses or spray. If you have straight hair, braid your hair in several sections while its still wet, allow to dry, spray & unwind your curls.
Elegant Upstyles
 I haven't tried this trend before, I only have it when I'm studying at home! It's a classic French rolls, the upstyle takes center stage this season. To attain this timeless look, pull your hair into a ponytail with an elastic hair band, comb over to ensure there are no bumps, and twirl hair round into a coil with hair pins. Spray to hold. Leave a few loose ends as did the Michael Kors models or defy gravity with hair wax as seen at Preen. The best way to combat a bad hair day, this ladylike look can be done on both wet or dry locks.
 Twists and Braids
Oh baby! This is my favorite hairstyle! You know what? It makes you feel you're still young and looks like Russian dolls. Put a twist into your daily hair routine with a few pretty braids. Use plaited pieces to create your own Alice Band or add a few braids in-between straight locks for some movement and contrast, as seen at Rachel Zoe. Stylists at Suno used hair clips to pin loose pieces up into place, romance was in the hair at Elie Saab and Valentino with pinned-up princess plaits.

 The world's most female-friendly hairstyle is bigger than ever this winter. If you don't know what to do with you're hair, then ponytail is a great style. It makes you feel you're having that glamour style without any effort with doing it.
 I'm not a big fan of this trend by I love to pump up the volume with the elevated & dramatic bouffant! It's really perfect for tall women for a romantic dinner or party ... etc! For this head-turning 2012 party look, tons of hairspray & some effort is required. Add a ribbon or bow for that something extra.

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Pause The Life

Sunday, November 25, 2012

LIVE YOUR LIFE! I've always wanted to make a video looks like this one! Actually, the idea came up to me when I was in the university and I thought It would be such a great idea to make a video mixed from some photos which are taken in perfect time and makes you feel you're living in another world which I prefer call it "Luxury World" even for a few minutes! The background song, gives me a fantastic power that makes me do anything I don't love with lovely smile such as STUDYING! I know that most of us are dreaming to have a life looks like this one, but you have to remember that there are some people who are dreaming to have your life, those homeless people who don't have shelter from winter or summer, those who don't have a life!

Anyway, to tell me your opinion and don't forget to pause the life and take a photo for your lovely moments and thanks God for having everything :D
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

 If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram you should know that so many pictures are waiting you in my monthly post "TwitGoodies"! I really need some sleep and I must admit that I'm quite excited that my exams are finished, and finally I'm going to have some free time with blogging and another things!I've been working and studying like a crazy person lately on new projects for the blog: a lot of E-mails, photo editing... etc.

Not to mention all the pictures I had to edit after I took them, because you might know that I shoot all the images of the blog but what you don't know since I don't think I have ever mentioned it is that I'm also the one who edits them, meaning that I make sure that the light is okay, play a little bit with the colors and make sure that the contrast is good such as the size of the images: and all of that takes quite a lot of time after-all, around 2 or 3 hours for one post in total. I really focus on quality and want to show you guys the best pictures possible, it's so important for me. I love doing this so much, more than anything actually you know. Sometimes I'm even speechless because of all the incredible paths and opportunities my blog has brought me to, I couldn't be more grateful and it motivates me to work as much as I can, and I mean... call it work, I would say it's more little taking care of a baby, giving it food and stuff, yep my blog is my babe, nothing's as exciting compared to that, I love it. 

I took the decision to avoid posting on week-end because it's friends and family time, not only for me but for you guys as well! So, it's time to go out and have fun. It is a perfect way to reload the batteries, right? So I hope you will enjoy this new TwitGoodies post which is filled with pictures from general shots of my little life. Wish you all a lovely end of the day and of course a splendid week-end!
Follow me on Instagram : @Ghandoora94
 In my way to the university, it was 7:30 AM // Had lovely hour at starbucks <3 font="font">

 Reorganizing my wardrobe for the winter! // I have never tried something like that before, 2 in 1 cotton candy & bubble gum <3 font="font">

 This is how I wake-up today! #happyfriday // I thought that I'm capable to prepare Kabab for the lunch, but I had a problem with that! :/

 Definitely, Cookies are the best to start your day! // Winter is here, don't forget to wear your colorful socks! 

 Every person should have his own way in being crazy and stupid ^^ // I wanna ask you guys: What do Trance & Techno music makes you feel? 

 Preparing some nuts for drinking Karawyea // And finally Karawyea is ready to drink, it's really the thing to drink at winter 

 How do my hair looks week ago! Wavy Wavy ^^  // Like every Eid, me and my mother prepared Ma'amoul for Eid Al-ad7a

 Got some chocolates from Samiramees // Great news: I passed my 3 qualification exams so I'm preparing Orange cake with my mum 

 Who haven't watched Ganganm style yet? // I really love white beans with rice! 

 Spent girly time with my sister. Manicure time with flormar ^^ // My daily routine: drinking tea and reading some blogs :D

 What a rainy weather outside! Winter is here ;) // Spent crazy night last week ago, photoshooted more than 133 picture x3 

 My lunch last week was filled with yogurt, so yummy ^^  // Horrible traffic jam last Wednesday

 Egg with some green herbals are really a great dish //  Definitely m&ms was the main factor that makes me love Marketing and getting 25 out of  30 in the exam!

 I'm feeling that my eyes looks much glamorous with eyeliner // Such a great lunch, grilled potato with cauliflower 

Love this high heel found it forever21 // Our dinner for our fasting day "Arafa day", Chicken with potato

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Harrods for Stardoll

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Welcome to Harrods! While searching between videos on YouTube, I found this video which was uploaded by Stardoll T.V when they were at Harrods to celebrate the grand opening of the luxury shopping experience on Stardoll! 

When you start thinking about Harrods, many things comes into your mind! So, I was so excited to see the brands that it will be on starplaza, but I got disappointment when I saw some clothes are completely looks like Miss Sixty or Killah and they are so expensive plus they don't have any sense of fashionista (It's my opinion!). I mean, stardoll didn't choose the perfect shops to show it for us except Roberto Cavalli shop, it has great items with leopard patterns and they look really EPIC! And here are some items I chose them from Harrods! Hope you like them :D

Starting from left: Cat Head T-shirt - RYKIEL ENFANT, Ricamo Sweatshirt - Young Versage, Blue Mongolia Cardigan - Miss Grant, Beige Double Breasted Tranch - Roberto Cavalli, Floral Bag - Roberto Cavalli, Leopard Jeans - Roberto Cavalli
Starting from left: Bow Blazer - Scotch R'belle, Fuo Couture Jacket - Miss Grant, Leopard Print Scarf - Junior Gaultier, Ivory Skirt - Chloe, Rose Romantic Dress - John Gallino Kids, Matelasse Shoulder Bag - Supertrash Girls

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

DAMN IT! I didn't know that I'm such a great stylist. Even the look looks really simple but it makes me back to the old decades! No doubt the filter that I added to the pictures gives you a retro mood! Let's start explain about the look, I used Red Ruffle body top from Red candy for 69 Starcoins matched it with Barbie summer'12 leggins that I'm using it for the first time! And I found that beaded super heel from ELLE for 3 Stardollars will looks pretty good, and finally for accessories I used Fiesta dot necklace from archive for 9 Stardollars with Barbie summer'12 glasses.

Red Ruffle body top - Red candy 
Fiesta dot necklace - Archive
Barbie summer'12 leggins
Beaded super heel - ELLE
 Barbie summer'12 glasses.

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Smokey Makeup Tutorial (VIDEO)

Friday, November 16, 2012

BEAUTY I was thinking about creating new post but I didn’t have great idea than creating new video showing up my talent in making Smokey makeup in stardoll since Nadine and Kayci (Our writers) are busy and both don’t have enough time to post here! And finally the video I have been now promising for weeks is finished, and I must say that filming is much more difficult than doing simple pictures. My clip was at first 20 minutes... Can you believe it? Seriously even I'm now wondering what I could have possibly shown during such a long time. Well I guess I did well and it's finally about four minutes long. 

 I am using for my eye make-up the white and black eyeshadow from DOT. Since I discovered this make-up, I'm a fan and wear in honestly everyday and it's really perfect for romantic look!I know I used so much makeup but it's SMOKEY so it must be like this! So finally, I hope you will enjoy the video and I hope I answered to your questions regarding my make-up routine, if you have any other request, please don't mind!
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inspiring from French morning, I've took some new pictures from new stuff me and my mother prepared them. My shoots for today is going to be hot Anise cup with sweet biscuits. Last week, I got so many lovely comments about my photography and so many of you encouraged me to make new posts related to my photo-shoots! So, I kept thinking about something new I could post about it, and then I choose Anise cup that will makes you feel relax when you're angry or gloomy with some biscuits we prepared them at home or you can take it at morning especially the winter is here. Feel free and tell me some ideas I can shoots about it, wish you all a happy Islamic new year :D

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New Competition

Friday, November 09, 2012

 So, I'm little bit upset since I saw some of you started to un-follow the blog in the last week, which makes me wonder why you did that? Actually, I did my best to keep the blog up to date even I don't have the enough time to do that since I'm so busy with my university and I've tried to hire new writers but all of them keep lying and don't posts! And I've tried to post something new related to stardoll but I didn't get any responses whether you like it or not! And I apologize because I didn't make any new make any new competitions lately! So if you are a follower of Ghandoora for a long time, you know that we had medoll/follower of the week long ago. Well, it's back!! Excited? I think so. Now, before saying the prizes, how about I tell you how you can become the follower of the month?

- COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT! Commenting something interesting will definitely get you into the running for follower of the month. I love to read comments, and if people comment something interesting it shows that they are a great follower!

- INVITE PEOPLE! Inviting people to follow the blog and posting who you invited in the comments is amazing and shows you want this blog to become successful. That's follower of the month potential! If you don't know how to follow Click here.
- PARTICIPATE! Participation is a great way to have a chance at follower of the month by joining other competitions that I'm preparing them, top commentors competitions and etc will help you with follower of the month. Participating in competitions can get you great prizes as well!

- SPEAK UP! Share your opinion with us. As you may or may not know, we do have a page on facebook, so you can like it which is it: Ghandoora (Blog by Ghadeer Al-Masri) and spread the love by telling me your opinion in my posts OR telling me new ideas for posts I can make them or YOU can make them by hiring you as a writer. This is the most helpful way to become the follower of the month. There are plenty of other ways, those are just a few.

- 100 stardollars and 500 Starcoins (or much more!)
- An interview on this blog.
-You will get featured on this blog for one month.
-And you get to advertise ANYTHING you want on this blog for one month.

Seems pretty fair for doing such easy things, right? Now, lets get to the rules:
- You must be a public follower of this blog!
- If you want to participate, just put your stardoll nickname in comments section below.
- If you win, you must contact me within 24 hours of winning or the prize will go to someone else.

That's it! I will post the winner in a month!
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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Safari Look! For those who love leopard, jungle and traveling, here is a look I've created it. Actually, I wasn't think about creating a look looks like that but when I mixed all the items I found out that it's looks really awesome. Here are the items that I used: Native chic skirt from Pretty in pink for 53 Starcoins with chain detailed top from Folk with faux fur cumbernum from Decade for 27 Starcoins with FB likemeter bag and finally with leopard shoes.For accessories I used black hat sun for 7 Stardollars from Piviera, gold arm band and Amber shades.

Native chic skirt - Pretty in pink
Gold arm band and Amber shades
Faux fur cumbernum - Decade
Chain detailed top - Folk 
Black hat sun - Piviera
FB likemeter bag 
Leopard shoes

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Marc Jacobs Resort 13

Thursday, November 01, 2012

 When you know how varied influences-anything from a vintage photograph to a scrap of fabric found at a flea market to an international trip-can shape an entire collection then you are studying designer's mood! Today I'm glad to give you a glimpse inside Marc Jacobs' creative process, as the designer reveals the eclectic mix that informed his standout Resort 13 collection.

The striking interplay of proportion, color, and floral prints in Marc Jacobs's Resort 2013 collection took inspiration from photographer Cindy Sherman's series of clown portraits. But what keeps the collection from venturing too far into circus territory are its '70s prints and sophisticated tailoring. What do you think about the collection? 
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