Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FLASHBACKS OF THE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS I have become, way too addicted to Samsung and though it might sound like the obvious thing to say I really do mean that I spend to much time on my phone (we should all get a good old unbreakable, with a 48hour battery Nokia shouldn't we?)

Between, instagram, twitter, facebook, e-mails and what's app, my battery is dead after only a couple of hours... And now when I remember the times when as a kid you don't have all those gadgets and spend much more time outside, in the ''real world'' instead of letting know everybody that you are actually eating a sandwich right now through the internet. However, nowadays I can't imagine myself living without all those things. What about you, do you guys feel the same way? I mean a lot of people complain that our generation is all about social networks, it's all about staying ''connected'' and that might be also the reason why blogs are working so well, we all love to see what's going on the other corner of the world, but I think we should also be grateful and use all this for our best.

I have always been fascinated by the new technologies and I think we are so lucky to be able to use all those amazing tools at our disposition. Now we all have the opportunity to share our opinions on the internet, the web is the best place to show a little bit of what we got, there are so many possibilities. I think it's quite incredible. Social networks for the win! I hope you guys will enjoy this post full of pictures made the last couple of weeks, clothing, make-up, and food food food. Have a great week-end and happy Eid to all :)

Spent lovely hours at CrownePlaza with my family // Have been so addicted to ETI pop kek 

Found lovely cat lives next to us, how sweet she is // Feeling cozy, wearing my pajama and drinking hot herbals

Love this scarf, it's looks great for Autumn look // This is how I would like to study ... Color all the book

Perfect product to use for blackheads clean&clear // One of my first pictures at University of Jordan

I love that time when I know that I'm going to help my mum in baking cake // Still remember that cold weather that we have it last weeks! So many fogs

World's wonderful flowers from 9.Oct party in my faculty // Had my XXL shaweerma at the car! It was such a busy day

Lovely colors combination in the sky last week! // I was reading some news, so excited that we have #Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Amman - Jordan!

Thoughts that  being in the university means you wouldn't have to do homeworks! But I was wrong :( // تشرب فنجان قهوة .. أعملك تبولة

Victory, weee I'm hanging out I know my hand looks horrible! // Delicious dinner with my family ;)

Missed the old time when I had so much fun at Rainbow.Street! // Some cookies while studying... Yummy

My first picture on instagram "Spaghetti" // One of my favorite looks definitely it's studded look!

Little treat from kinder before going to the university // I must admit that I was dancing such as a crazy person because I was listening to Paul Okenfold <3 font="font">
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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. The food looks amazing!

  2. I love this post =) keep doing those xoxo

  3. Love kinder <3 Btw looking for writers for my blog