Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh shit! Before one month, I went to CityMall and MeccaMall for shopping with my sister, and I recorded some videos there and I was about to post it for you, but I've forgot! And today, while I was checking some files in my laptop, I saw the video and I noticed that I didn't post it in the blog! I really apologize because of that.

 So... Last month, I really had great time especially shopping is like Oxygen in our life! Here are some other photos from things we bought, showing you a black lace blouze from VeroModa, gray wool blouze from PizzaItalia for upcoming winter and finally basic brown shoes.     

DOLCE & GABBANA .. Feel the difference!

Love these shoes

One of my favorite shots so far at VEROMODA

ADORE at Centerpoint, the perfect place to shop candles and incense

Love high heel? Then you should try these :P

At the end of the shopping, we had Falafel to eat from Al-Klha الكلحة

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