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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So today while I was on stardoll I came up with new simple idea for the blog, every week I'm going to make a post about review on latest news on stardoll! So the first thing that I want to talk about it is a new offer which is it "Panorama Room"! Stardoll have just created new bigger room and wider enough for your creativity and talent! You can buy it from Suite Shop for 199 Stardollars which is it quite expensive in my opinion for normal room looks like Beach Villa or Alpine Chalet ... etc!

Moving to the Finalists in Miss Stardoll World 2012! This year I wasn't interested in this competition because I didn't prepare myself and I was so busy the last years since I was in the last year of high school so I didn't have the time to prepare good ideas for decorate my suite! I love the advertisement, I love the prizes too since one lucky winner will receive many huge prizes in stardoll and reality. Good luck for the 40 finalists.

Finally, stardoll reached 200,000,000 million members! WOW what a huge number! And as we used to have when we reach huge number like this to have free stuff but instead of that, stardoll had a 50% massive sale in starplaza, for sure I bought some items where you can find picture for them on my page on facebook.

In your element with precious metals, new in Glam'RUs! One of the best advertisements so far this week! It has a silent glam in her new collection made from metal. Most of the items in Stardollars between 5 - 18 Stardollars!

GameZone celebrates Halloween with creepy decor and mysteriously flying monsters for your Suite! Actually, I'm not celebrating Halloween so I'm not going to buy any of these items unless I'm going to decorate on my rooms as a horror one so I might think about it!

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  1. I like the new idea, but how about if you also post about news and things that are going on in 'Dollywood' (the Stardollian blogosphere). Would be cool, too :)