Saturday, October 27, 2012

 Food Post! You know that feeling when creativity and passion come into your mind and give you that powerful power to hold your camera and start photo-shooting? That's what completely happened to me recently since I don't have anything to post about! So... here we go, another new photos in the second episode in my series "My days in Kitchen". Starting with 3 kind of pastries ( Pizza, Cheese and Thyme), Cupcake, Fried Liver with onion, Dates with Saudi coffee and finally Vermicelli soup. 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FLASHBACKS OF THE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS I have become, way too addicted to Samsung and though it might sound like the obvious thing to say I really do mean that I spend to much time on my phone (we should all get a good old unbreakable, with a 48hour battery Nokia shouldn't we?)

Between, instagram, twitter, facebook, e-mails and what's app, my battery is dead after only a couple of hours... And now when I remember the times when as a kid you don't have all those gadgets and spend much more time outside, in the ''real world'' instead of letting know everybody that you are actually eating a sandwich right now through the internet. However, nowadays I can't imagine myself living without all those things. What about you, do you guys feel the same way? I mean a lot of people complain that our generation is all about social networks, it's all about staying ''connected'' and that might be also the reason why blogs are working so well, we all love to see what's going on the other corner of the world, but I think we should also be grateful and use all this for our best.

I have always been fascinated by the new technologies and I think we are so lucky to be able to use all those amazing tools at our disposition. Now we all have the opportunity to share our opinions on the internet, the web is the best place to show a little bit of what we got, there are so many possibilities. I think it's quite incredible. Social networks for the win! I hope you guys will enjoy this post full of pictures made the last couple of weeks, clothing, make-up, and food food food. Have a great week-end and happy Eid to all :)

Spent lovely hours at CrownePlaza with my family // Have been so addicted to ETI pop kek 

Found lovely cat lives next to us, how sweet she is // Feeling cozy, wearing my pajama and drinking hot herbals

Love this scarf, it's looks great for Autumn look // This is how I would like to study ... Color all the book

Perfect product to use for blackheads clean&clear // One of my first pictures at University of Jordan

I love that time when I know that I'm going to help my mum in baking cake // Still remember that cold weather that we have it last weeks! So many fogs

World's wonderful flowers from 9.Oct party in my faculty // Had my XXL shaweerma at the car! It was such a busy day

Lovely colors combination in the sky last week! // I was reading some news, so excited that we have #Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Amman - Jordan!

Thoughts that  being in the university means you wouldn't have to do homeworks! But I was wrong :( // تشرب فنجان قهوة .. أعملك تبولة

Victory, weee I'm hanging out I know my hand looks horrible! // Delicious dinner with my family ;)

Missed the old time when I had so much fun at Rainbow.Street! // Some cookies while studying... Yummy

My first picture on instagram "Spaghetti" // One of my favorite looks definitely it's studded look!

Little treat from kinder before going to the university // I must admit that I was dancing such as a crazy person because I was listening to Paul Okenfold <3 font="font">
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Want classic look? From Brandenburg tor Berlin I've created this look, the place is so romantic and you feel that you have to wear something feminine and classic, so I chose this Antoinette skirt from TINGELING match it with my favorite piece in my wardrobe which is it pink corseted top with Ascot headpiece from PERFECT DAY for 70 starcoins and black shoes and finally with black and white handbag from VOILE for 1 starcoins. Don't you think that the look needs something else? For sure, yes it needs that fancy touch from GLAM R US necklace, ring and bracelets.

Pink corseted top - PERFECT DAY
Black and white handbag - VOILE 
Ascot headpiece - PERFECT DAY 
Antoinette skirt - TINGELING 

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New Idea!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So today while I was on stardoll I came up with new simple idea for the blog, every week I'm going to make a post about review on latest news on stardoll! So the first thing that I want to talk about it is a new offer which is it "Panorama Room"! Stardoll have just created new bigger room and wider enough for your creativity and talent! You can buy it from Suite Shop for 199 Stardollars which is it quite expensive in my opinion for normal room looks like Beach Villa or Alpine Chalet ... etc!

Moving to the Finalists in Miss Stardoll World 2012! This year I wasn't interested in this competition because I didn't prepare myself and I was so busy the last years since I was in the last year of high school so I didn't have the time to prepare good ideas for decorate my suite! I love the advertisement, I love the prizes too since one lucky winner will receive many huge prizes in stardoll and reality. Good luck for the 40 finalists.

Finally, stardoll reached 200,000,000 million members! WOW what a huge number! And as we used to have when we reach huge number like this to have free stuff but instead of that, stardoll had a 50% massive sale in starplaza, for sure I bought some items where you can find picture for them on my page on facebook.

In your element with precious metals, new in Glam'RUs! One of the best advertisements so far this week! It has a silent glam in her new collection made from metal. Most of the items in Stardollars between 5 - 18 Stardollars!

GameZone celebrates Halloween with creepy decor and mysteriously flying monsters for your Suite! Actually, I'm not celebrating Halloween so I'm not going to buy any of these items unless I'm going to decorate on my rooms as a horror one so I might think about it!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh shit! Before one month, I went to CityMall and MeccaMall for shopping with my sister, and I recorded some videos there and I was about to post it for you, but I've forgot! And today, while I was checking some files in my laptop, I saw the video and I noticed that I didn't post it in the blog! I really apologize because of that.

 So... Last month, I really had great time especially shopping is like Oxygen in our life! Here are some other photos from things we bought, showing you a black lace blouze from VeroModa, gray wool blouze from PizzaItalia for upcoming winter and finally basic brown shoes.     

DOLCE & GABBANA .. Feel the difference!

Love these shoes

One of my favorite shots so far at VEROMODA

ADORE at Centerpoint, the perfect place to shop candles and incense

Love high heel? Then you should try these :P

At the end of the shopping, we had Falafel to eat from Al-Klha الكلحة

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Real Version

Friday, October 12, 2012

Finally, I managed to get the time to post for you some post which are going to be related to stardoll. Actually, I'm upset from my writers because they don't post here and promise me that they will post here regularly! Anyway, today I found this HotBuys skull scarf real version by Alexander MaQueen which was in the starplaza for 9 stardollars in Fallen-Angel. What do you think about it? :)
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Sunday, October 07, 2012

I need to sleep! Have you ever been so excited that your heart can’t stop beating? That’s completely how I was feeling in my first day at the university. I was waiting all the summer to enter at the university, I was very excited, but also I was frightened. I was about to meet the people who were going to be with me for four years. I kept asking myself; “would they be nice? Can I meet some good friends here?” That morning I woke up too early and arrived at the university early. It was such an great idea to discover the university before the first day instead of asking people and tell you the wrong direction!!

Four weeks passed on my first semester in the university, I didn't expect that It's going to be much harder than the school! I'm so busy since I have to go to university daily, last week was so hard, I had 2 huge homework in Accounting and Marketing and thanks God I managed to finish them!

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Monday, October 01, 2012

Inspired from bamboo, I've created this look for you guys, well it's the first time that I mixed all of these colors together, starting with ATBR gift jacket under it leopard bustier from RIO for 3 starcoins with faux metallic leather shorts from BIZUO for 7 stardollars, and then I've chose my favorite sandals from LIU.JO with ELLE chain handle tribe purse and finally with Barbados scarf from PIVIERA for 29 starcoins.

Faux metallic leather shorts - BIZUO 
ELLE chain handle tribe purse 
 Barbados scarf - PIVIERA
 Leopard bustier - RIO
Sandals - LIU.JO
ATBR gift jacket 

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