Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Let's try something different! So I thought that, this week instead of making any post which is going to be related to stardoll, making a little twist and prepare for you guys an twitgoodies post (just because I'm lazy as hell and I didn't have time to make new post). This idea came up to me when I was reading some blogs and I thought it was really cool and especially for those of you who do not use Twitter. But I  would like to apologize to all of you readers because I'm not posting here regularly as I used to before! I still wanted to share with you some of the pictures I have done these past couple of months. Wish you a lovely week-end folks and see you on Monday for a new post. Enjoy!
 Nothing could be better than eating fried Potato at night! // I won't forget the old days when I used to study 24 hours!

 Love this fresh Orange juice I had it at @caffestrada // Wavy hair was the best hairstyle to make in this summer 
 It seems that winter is coming to Jordan early this time, It's so cold and so windy outside // The last meal I ate it at QuarterMoon restaurant with my whole classmates 24/Apr/2012

Love this sweet carrot we've made it with some sugar // Yeah! I'm in love with this FuFu American Style short!

 Best moment ever when I got my first dress from Hind Adib's blog! //  Tried out different beauty products from Radiant  makeup 

I had lovely hours with my sister last week, we bought new things to our wardrobe // Best Turkish candies, toffe and chocolates ever ;)

 Can't believe that I've finally registered at University of Jordan, I'm going to study Public Administration // I managed to make a new makeover for my hair and get rid of my broken hair

In love with DOLCE & GABBANA perfume!  // Still remember the first place I visited after I've finished my high school in 7.7.2012 which was a wedding at Marriott Hotel.

The last thing I've bought it from my school's bazar was this blue nail polish // Spent more than 3 hours with my sister to make this tray using magnetic numbers
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  1. My sis,
    really you have the talent to make such these pics and ideas...... well done ;)