Saturday, September 01, 2012

Words won't describe my feelings when I got this dress from Hind Adib's blog from ESCHEL shop in UAE (a shop for all Hervé Léger lovers)! The whole story started last month when Hind decided to make a giveaway in her blog, I've entered the contest and I was dying to get it, especially it's going to be my first time to win whether in reality or on internet and this dress is going to be my first dress in my wardrobe since I only wear a skirts if I'm going to an event!

Before couple of days of Eid, I was so excited to see who's going to be the winner. No one could imagine how I was feeling when I saw my name as the winner! You know that feeling when you are shouting but without any sounds? that's what completely happened with me. 

The dress is more than stunning! I've got it last Wednesday, and I didn't thought that it's going to be like this. The bright bold colors are giving to it that feminine look which I'm in love with it! Finally, I would really love to say "Thank You" to Hind to chose me as a winner and to ESCHEL shop for giving us the chance to win it.


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  1. Lucky girl :P The dress is awesome :P

  2. Wow I love that dress! :D Isn't it haram in Muslim though??

    1. Well yes it is, but I'll only wear it in if I'm going for a party with my friends which all of them are female ;)

  3. A really WOW-factor dress!! Congrats, you must feel over the moon!:-)