Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hey Sweeties! Back her for you all with a earthy vibed make-up tutorial Hope you will love it, I do!Simple elegant but gorgeous! So go make yourself beautiful!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

NYFW Front Row Report

NewYork Fashion Week ended last week, lucky people who were there! So I've created this set on Polyvore inspired from the celebrities, fashion bloggers .. etc. As you see it's simple one contain all the basic and necessary items items we should have them on our wardrobe :)

Yellow blazer

Jimmy Choo high heel

Lanvin clutch handbag

Anne Klein leather jewelry

Lip stick
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J.Crew Spring/Summer'13 NYFW

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After huge researches from  New York Fashion Week, I decided to share with you lovely collection J.Crew Spring/Summer 2013. J.Crew designed a fashion range that featured fun and unique prints, a mix between stylish school girl, and a sporty style which is evidently trending at the moment. 
Actually, I chose this collection because it's mix between pajama-style printed tops underneath high-waisted floral pants with beautiful lace detail, preppy blazers and, neon leather skirts and amazing pastel shoes with toe-cap details, the ever popular envelope clutch bag, chambray button downs, sequined pencil skirts.


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Black Swan Makeup

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello readers, and followers! I know this isn't my usual topic, and I'm just doing this for fun! I would like to give my dearest apology for not posting recently. I just entered High School last week, and I'm shocked on how much homework I have been receiving. Anyways, moving on. I was inspired to do some makeup on stardoll today. Hence the title, my inspiration is the black swan. 

Black Swan Makeup

Comment for a stardoll nail tutorial!

Adjust the skin color to be very pale, and white.

Choose the lightest eye brow color, and make it to 0% in opacity.

Choose any hairstyle, but to go with the poser, I chose this short, wavy hairstyle.

Choose the lips on page 4, and choose row 1, lip style 3.

In the movie poster, you can see that Natalie Portman's (The Black Swan) cheeks are "contoured." Meaning that bronzer and dark colors are applied to the hollows of the cheeks to make it look like natural shadows. So, adding some light brown shadow helps contour the cheeks of me-dolls.

For a brighter cheek color, add some bronze blush.

(Look so far)

Add some dark red lipstick to the lips. LUXE lipshine gloss is an optional choice, but I personally like the lipstick better.
Add a darker red lipstick in the center of the lips.

(Optional) Add some false lashes & get some black liquid liner, and put it in the inner corner of the eye.

Add some black pencil liner and go over the areas of the liquid liner.

Add some black eyeshadow and make the outer sides have an exaggerated point.

Add some dark blue eyeshadow to exaggerate the black eyeshadow. 

Take a purple liquid liner and add it in the inner corners of the eyes.

Add some black lengthening mascara.

Add some false lashes.

Add red contact lenses to make the look appear more creepy.

And you're done!
This is an excellent look that can be used during Halloween on stardoll!

Good luck and leave tutorial requests! ;)

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello dear Ghandoora's readers! It has been a long long time since I have posted, but most of you know why!? My baby boy has been born on 12-05-2012 his name is Aiden! So a busy mom of 2 at the moment!! But I'm back twice a month to write a great post for you all so hope you all have missed me sort of .. So are you ready? 


Great and simple gorgeous make up!

Let me know what you think and what you wanna see?! 

Hugs kisses and blessings!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marina style! When I was superstar, I decided to buy new items for my wardrobe, so I bought twenties beach short from DECADE for 5 stardollars, MC ginley jacket from Killah for 12 stardollars and finally my favorite fiesta dots necklace from ARCHIVE for 9 stardollars (I know it's quite expensive but I really like it), then I chose some of my old items that I have to create this look, like pink top for 5 starcoins and white crossover sandals for 60 starcoins from PRETTY IN PINK. I really love this look and the colors give it that marina style that I'd love to try it if I went to the beach someday! :D 

White crossover sandals - PRETTY IN PINK
Twenties beach short - DECADE 
Fiesta dots necklace - ARCHIVE
MC ginley jacket - Killah

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Let's try something different! So I thought that, this week instead of making any post which is going to be related to stardoll, making a little twist and prepare for you guys an twitgoodies post (just because I'm lazy as hell and I didn't have time to make new post). This idea came up to me when I was reading some blogs and I thought it was really cool and especially for those of you who do not use Twitter. But I  would like to apologize to all of you readers because I'm not posting here regularly as I used to before! I still wanted to share with you some of the pictures I have done these past couple of months. Wish you a lovely week-end folks and see you on Monday for a new post. Enjoy!
 Nothing could be better than eating fried Potato at night! // I won't forget the old days when I used to study 24 hours!

 Love this fresh Orange juice I had it at @caffestrada // Wavy hair was the best hairstyle to make in this summer 
 It seems that winter is coming to Jordan early this time, It's so cold and so windy outside // The last meal I ate it at QuarterMoon restaurant with my whole classmates 24/Apr/2012

Love this sweet carrot we've made it with some sugar // Yeah! I'm in love with this FuFu American Style short!

 Best moment ever when I got my first dress from Hind Adib's blog! //  Tried out different beauty products from Radiant  makeup 

I had lovely hours with my sister last week, we bought new things to our wardrobe // Best Turkish candies, toffe and chocolates ever ;)

 Can't believe that I've finally registered at University of Jordan, I'm going to study Public Administration // I managed to make a new makeover for my hair and get rid of my broken hair

In love with DOLCE & GABBANA perfume!  // Still remember the first place I visited after I've finished my high school in 7.7.2012 which was a wedding at Marriott Hotel.

The last thing I've bought it from my school's bazar was this blue nail polish // Spent more than 3 hours with my sister to make this tray using magnetic numbers
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Abbey Lee Kershaw

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Definitely, red lipstick with black mascara are going to be my first choices for a makeup shopping especially I have a white skin with blonde hair! I love these pictures for Abbey Lee Kershaw for 25 magazine S/S 2012. What a stunning face!

Chanel perfume
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