New Contest

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Currently, I'm working on new makeover for the blog and new projects too after I stopped for a while! And I'm glad to announce that there is a new competition here! I think it's so easy, so everyone of you can join it! What are you going to do is: invite as many people as you can! The more you Invite, more chances that you will get your 100 Stardollars + 200 Starcoins! :)

So all what you have to do is:
1. Write in the comment that you are in!
2. Invite your stardoll friends, your real friends, your family members and other people you know to follow this blog!
3. Make sure that all the people you invite are following us publicly.
4. Write the nicknames (Follower name) right down in the comments.
5. Then I'll check if you really invited this people.

1. Don't say followers names that are already following as.
2. To win your 100 Stardollars + 200 Starcoins, you have to invite not less than 20 new followers.
According to have a winner! The blog should reach 2000 Followers!
Died Line: 23.August
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