New Competition

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Again, I became SuperStar which means that we're having new competition. This time you're going to get inspire from leopard the new collection from RIO and chose an item like a dress or a shirt which has a leopard pattern and design a one looks like it %100 on your stardesign. (I know it's hard one, but believe in yourself and show me your talent).

As you see, I chose this leopard salsa skirt from RIO and I've tried to make one looks like it (pattern). I know that my example is horrible but I only made it to show you how will you start working!


You must be a public follower to enter and you must sign up with your blogger ID, then upload your design to (Tinypic, Photobucket...etc). After you finish fill the form to comments: USERNAME and LINK. It's not required to buy the item, simply use your stardesign :] I hope you guys take part, if I got (less than 10 responses) I will just cancel the competition.

Died Line: 14.August
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  1. okay honey :D i'll try and we will chose by vote or you wil ? Congrats for the SS ♥

  2. that's all i can do it they say you reached the limit of itmes ;(
    my name is ithar2010
    the link

  3. candycoolgal19

  4. I've done :D hope you like it
    Username : Hibadafer2009
    Link :

  5. ok honey give me some while and i will give you the link

  6. i've done hope you like it
    username : soso-asooly
    the link :

  7. OrangeAnnax ♥
    I'm not sure if had to make all in the leopard print? I hope its okay if only half is :)
    I got inspired by shirt i saw on Google.

    1. The inspirational item should be chosen from RIO shop only! Not a picture from Google! Sorry

  8. Username- Pandaribbon



    I hope you like it. :) Have a good day.