Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Four hours spent them with my friends were enough to make me smile after I was mad, me with my 3 friends hanging out to the mall yesterday, it was lovely moment when I met them since I haven't seen them for long time! We played bowling, which it my favorite kind of sports, usually when we go to the mall we play it! And this time, the luck was beside me because I was the winner, then we had McFlurry ice cream from MacDonald, well I didn't like it because it's fills with milk which I don't like it at all! Then we went to some shops like Mango, Adore and Splash to see the new collections! We were running like hunters especially when we were in Adore, the bags were wonderful, cheap, chic and goes with you wherever you are! We tried some of bags and accessories, they were completely awesome to buy them especially they are cheap, which it quite good, don't you think so? Then, when I got back to home, my mum had prepared Filet! Yummy! So this is how I spend Eid, hope you liked the pictures I took them ;)


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  1. Love the yellow and black stud bags!


  2. I love jewelry the best part about shopping.