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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally, I managed to make this party invitation (I hope you like it), and all of you guys are invited to celebrate with me, my blog's second birthday. Actually, I can't wait, I'm preparing many things on this party and I'm pretty sure all of you will have fun. There will be best dressed list on the blog, so wear what you feel it's suit with summer theme.

 There will be gifts for the most active people.
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Spread The Word & Have Fun :)
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  1. awesome :D I start going to college that week but I hope I can make it to go

  2. are you still going to use the winning invitation?

  3. Mine starts at midnight and its the first day of school for me that day :(
    I hope I could make it!

  4. Omg Im SO going to Come! Count me IN! ♥♥♥ =)

  5. sounds great! very excited :)

  6. Wow this seems like fun! I never had this before ahha (: hey im in new york, and what time zone are you in? Im confused on time…answer me back in my guestbook on stardoll @ Butterflywand96
    ~Sharon {)i(}