Sheer Paneling

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sheer paneling is definitely a reoccurring trend, I thought making a post about it will be really interesting and cool especially if I combined some of the chicest celebrities looks from the two years ago. This trend modeled many chicest celebrities like (Lindsay Lohan and Emma Watson…etc). Personally I LOVE this trend especially If it has polka dot patterns, It's really suits my need and I think it's perfect at night.
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  1. I really like sheer clothes but I have troubles to find pieces that look good on my xD well basicaly I have a lot of troubles finding clothes that fit me because I'm too tiny and skinny
    anyway, I love the whiter dress :3

  2. The dress that the first girl is wearing looks like the DKNY Scuba Dress

  3. I wish there was more of it on Stardoll!

  4. They all look fabulisimo! The top one looked like stardoll's Scuba dress!!