Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan... Well I'm so sorry because I haven't post it here for a while (Some of my real life posts). Actually, right now I can't think about anything, this Thursday I'll get my results in highschool and start thinking about what should I study at university, so I'm little bit confused.

Anyway, 10 days of Ramadan has passed, and it hasn't been that hard even the weather is little bit hot, but Ramadan has wonderful taste only Muslim can feel it! The BEST part of it is, feeling you are closer to Allah, daily I pray and read the Holly Quran! Best to eat in Ramadan and best to start your Iftar is eating Dates with Saudian coffee and then a BIG dish of soup, and another thing in hearing the Musaharatee (the man who keep us awake at Fajir to eat before fasting).

But, unfortunately I wish I live these moments with my brothers who are living in Australia and NewZeland right now, but I hope the coming days will makes us celebrating Ramadan together :)

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  1. I thank you so much for sharing your celebration of Ramadan with us. I know very, very little of this celebration and am happy to learn all that I can. Your photographs are really nice, too.

    I hope your family can join you soon. I *do* know that celebrating a holiday is best with as much of your family as can possibly be there to celebrate!

  2. Ramadan Mubarak....
    I love this month , here I can feel faith and love.
    I would like to ask every muslim to help the poor people by provide them with food and drink not only in Ramadan but during the whole year.