My Twins

Saturday, July 14, 2012

jessie j, you may hear today in the news that she is dead after she saw Ghandoora's work for "My Twins". When I saw her picture on the magazine, I said that I can make a stardoll twins for her, but when I started to work, I realized that I'm doing horrible twins! 

I only managed to find the same hair and lipsticks, but I don't think that I've made it with her eyes and nose. I'm really apologizing from all Jessie J fans!! O.o

Who's should be the next? 
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  1. Well i think she looks like Jessie only needs little darker hair but i think there isnt a tone like that on stardoll o.o Btw you should do Rihanna ♥ (first celebrity that came in my mind) o.o'' xx =)

  2. Has Jessie broken her leg or something? :( ( She looks fab though! )

  3. the makeup is really good, the problem is with the hair, but thereis actually no hairstyle in stardoll like this, I think ..
    I'd love if you could make twins of zooey deschanel :D

  4. btw, isabel... she is not dead xD Ghadeer says that she could die if she saw her work

  5. wow it looks a lot like her !Really good