Best of my party!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No word would describe my feelings and my emotions in 17th.July! The lights, the colors, the sounds, the music, the people, the crowd all of them together made a huge and wonderful combine. The party was more than successful one, I really had so much fun with you guys, I've been planning it for more than 2 weeks ago and I'm really glad that you had fun.  

But I was expecting more girls would came since 13 blogs wrote about my party, but it seems that time zones made them confused! Anyway, I would like to thanks all of you guys, you really made my day. Here is a video I've been making it for more than 8 hours, it's about my party and especially the best moment of it!

Best Dressed List

Tell your friends to vote for their favorite medoll to win 50SD and remember the theme was summer :)

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  1. Awesome video♥ I like outfit number 11 and 14 (:

  2. Nice video :) I don't believe I missed the party ;(