My Twins

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is our new twins for today, I would like say thank you to Barbarok who told me to make this post for today. As you see Jessicabeautylo makes her medoll looks completely like Rooney Mara from face expression, eye brow, nose, lips and even the clothes too!

What do you think about her? And do you like that style?
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan... Well I'm so sorry because I haven't post it here for a while (Some of my real life posts). Actually, right now I can't think about anything, this Thursday I'll get my results in highschool and start thinking about what should I study at university, so I'm little bit confused.

Anyway, 10 days of Ramadan has passed, and it hasn't been that hard even the weather is little bit hot, but Ramadan has wonderful taste only Muslim can feel it! The BEST part of it is, feeling you are closer to Allah, daily I pray and read the Holly Quran! Best to eat in Ramadan and best to start your Iftar is eating Dates with Saudian coffee and then a BIG dish of soup, and another thing in hearing the Musaharatee (the man who keep us awake at Fajir to eat before fasting).

But, unfortunately I wish I live these moments with my brothers who are living in Australia and NewZeland right now, but I hope the coming days will makes us celebrating Ramadan together :)

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New Topic!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello everyone! Most of you guys will probably notice that my post doesn't have this on the top:

Well, sadly I'm not going to be doing Covergirl/Doll Dish anymore! So, I would like to introduce you to my newest topic. I will be using photos as inspiration for makeup/nail looks on stardoll and/or real life. But, the best part is...the artsy followers will be able to join me in this topic.

I would like to introduce you all to the Photography Contest. The contest may happen, or it may not...depending on how many people are interested in joining. If you are, comment & i'll see if the contest can get promoted by various blogs, etc. with the help of Ghadeer (Ghandoora.) Anyways, lets get on with this post! 

My Inspirational Photo of the Day:

Nail Art: (Stardoll)
The nails should look like they're fading. Start off with red on the thumb and pinky fingers, and add a yellow fade polish. Then make your transition from a darker orange, to a lighter orange, and again add a yellow fade polish. Add various nail stickers on the middle finger to create a "sun." The pink bow finishes off the look adding a little more color.

Makeup: (Stardoll)

Again, this look is all about transition from dark to light. You can see it especially in the lips. You start off with a red, then move on to an orange, and finish off with a pink. The blush should be a nude color (like a light pink or a light bronze color.) For this look, the eyes and lips should pop. The eyes should be smokey, starting with a red, to an orange, to a pink. Finishing the look off with some white eyeliner in the corners helps the red look darker and more vibrant. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post. Oh, yes! I forgot, my new posts will be called Photo Fashion. :)

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Nail Art

Fruit, Fruit got my 5 scenes to make this nail art tutorial for this week! When I saw this picture on Google, I went to starplaza and I made this nail art, I only used fruit stickers from sprinkled. I know that we don't have the same fruits on stardoll but I tried to make it similar to the real picture.

What do you think about it? :)
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Real Version

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm deeply in love with this Millionaire Mansion especially it's makes you feel you are living in luxury life that everyone is looking for it! Anyway, while I was on Google, I saw this picture for this pool and I was completely look like :O because I've found the real version for the pool we have on our mansion but with different color of the marble! Don't you think so?

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Golden is back! Jumpsuit, is one of my favorite items to wear it in this summer especially if it silk and it's from VOILE, can you imagine that I bought it when it was sale I mean before 8 months ago for 7Stardollars (as I think) and now I managed to create a look using it! So I mixed it with this golden pearl dotted cardigan, and with this gold starppy heels from ELLE for 7Stardollars and with pink ribbon print bag. For accessories I used my favorite cuff which is it gold arm band and Ramadan necklace with pop sunglasses for 4Starcoins from SPECTACULAR.

Golden pearl dotted cardigan
Pop sunglasses- SPECTACULAR
Gold starppy heels - ELLE 
Pink ribbon print bag 
Ramadan necklace 
Gold arm band 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette is a new version of the first perfume by designer Elie Saab feminine and elegant from 2011. Well I must say SHAME ON ME that I didn't post about it when it first released since he is an Arabian designer and I'm his #1 fan in the whole world! If you don't know who is Elie Saab; then you have to read about him, I'm not sure I would be able to describe him, since there is no words will describe him in the right way!
The perfume is signed by perfumer Francis Kurdjian who pays tribute to the designer's memories of Mediterranean and the scent of orange blossom in the air. Actually, I love how to Elie designed the bottle and I think that the bottle looks like a jewel which captures and reflects everyday of lights and mirror to infinity the honeyed tones of the perfume!
The ingredient of the composition: 
Introduction fragrance: Lemon flower.
Heart of the fragrance: Jasmine and Patchouli.
Base fragrance: Cedar wood, Honey and Roses.

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My Twins

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Johnny Depp, is playing with us on stardoll! While I was visiting some members, I saw this talented boy called Crowley- made his medoll looks completely like Johnny Depp inspired his look from "Pirates Of The Caribbean". So, as you see this time I didn't do "My Twins" because I brought to you this talent!
What do you think about him?

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RNTM Cycle 5

Monday, July 23, 2012


Rafi Next Top Model Cycle 5 starts NOW! It's your chance to shine and to express your fashion inner! Actually, I applied I'd like to see myself between many other constants. What do you think about the trailer? Anyway, click here to sign up for the competition and remember application period: Friday, July 20 - Tuesday, August 14 
Best of luck, hopefully you will be one of the Top 20.
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last week, we had best dressed competition, 15 members entered the competition and let's say congratulations to the one who you made an excellent outfit which related to summer..
So, congratulations to outfit #15 who got 10 votes >> yo_silvia96 and hard luck to others! Contact me in 24 hours to receive your prize (50 stardollars). 

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 LookBook, is back this week! I chose these 3 items which are related to summer! For this week, we have this Yankee Blue Jumpsuit, actually, first when I see it I said YES! it's what I'm looking for, then I thought this beaded sandal would look perfect for it, since it has 3 golden stars at the waist, and I think that this hotbuys plastic basket is the best for this summer look!

I'm waiting to see you wearing it. How to enter? Make an outfit using Yankee Blue Jumpsuit from RIO then printscreen it and then upload it to (Tinypic, photobucket...etc). After you finish, fill the form to comments: USERNAME & LINK. It's not require to buy the item, simply use starplaza ;)


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vintage,Vintage & Vintage! Was my first inspiration to create this set on Polyvore. When I first saw this Bandeau dress I said I must do a set which reflect my passion for this kind of dresses! White and green are my favorite colors for this summer as you see I chose this high heel with Gabrielle Sanchez earrings.

Bandeau dress

Golden jewelry

Lip makeup

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Ramadan Kareem

Friday, July 20, 2012

Today is the 1st day of Ramadan, may this Ramadan be as bright as ever, bring joy, health and wealth to you. May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives. May this Ramadan bring in u the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for. May this Ramadan bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity. May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.

I know that this time fasting will be so hard for us especially for people who live in MiddleEast, the weather is horrible, the temperature is over 58c in Algeria and Kuwait, 45c in Jordan (where I live)! and we're going to fast for more than 16 hours, I'm pretty sure that Allah will make it easier for us ;)

And remember to walk humbly, talk politely, dress neatly, treat kindly, pray attentively and donate generously... May ALLAH bless and protect you and your family as well!
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Real Version

1940's film noir inspired the new batch of MIU MIU sunglasses for (Fall/Winter2011). Noir is a collection that fuses styles and lines of the forties and current with modern details. 

 The new frames feature over sized, angular cat-eyes and lots of retro-glam colorways — think ocher tortoise shell and metallic glitter-acetate.  These sunglasses are available in red glitter with brown lens, black with grey lens, gold glitter with brown lens, silver glitter with grey lens, pink glitter with brown lens, bronze glitter with bronze lens.

These super red MIU MIU shades worn by SKY FERREIRA was seen on starplaza! I think Stardoll makes them ugly! But we can see the similarities between the virtual and the MIU MIU shades. You can buy them online for $390 which it's so expensive! Don't you think so?

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Congratulations! To the winner OrangeAnnax! Well done, you made an excellent effort and deserved to win. You got 19 votes, and well done to the other contestants as well, you are what makes this blog such a success! Contact me in 24 hours to receive your prize (50stardollars). 

Click to enlarge
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Best of my party!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No word would describe my feelings and my emotions in 17th.July! The lights, the colors, the sounds, the music, the people, the crowd all of them together made a huge and wonderful combine. The party was more than successful one, I really had so much fun with you guys, I've been planning it for more than 2 weeks ago and I'm really glad that you had fun.  

But I was expecting more girls would came since 13 blogs wrote about my party, but it seems that time zones made them confused! Anyway, I would like to thanks all of you guys, you really made my day. Here is a video I've been making it for more than 8 hours, it's about my party and especially the best moment of it!

Best Dressed List

Tell your friends to vote for their favorite medoll to win 50SD and remember the theme was summer :)

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Top Chef MENA winner!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

 Salma Abu Alia, Shes the youngest lady (24 years old) between 14 chefs who were participate in Top Chef. Actually, I'm so proud that she is presented Jordan in TopChef Middle East (Season 2). She really deserve it, shes passionate and driven about what she love to do "cook", she's beautiful, elegant, smart, educated, cultured, passionate, creative and courageous.

Yesterday, I was reading a magazine and I stopped on an article about Royal Academy of Culinary Arts - Les Roches (RACA) where Salma graduated from. This academy is an affiliate of the world renowned Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland, ranked amongst the three best Hospitality Schools in the world located in Amman - Jordan. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to provide the industry with the future leaders, trendsetters and innovators.

If you want to watch the last episode which was in Atlantis Hotel - Jumeirah Beach: click here 


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