Top Commenter is back!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Glad to say that, Top Commenter is finally back! It seems that you readers only comment when there is a contest and a prize. So here is your chance to win 100 Stardollars, be sure that you are following me publicly. I hope this time to see much active in the blog as we used to before, and don't forget to give me feedback whether you like the post or not or if you have new idea for the blog.
REMEMBER: Smile faces and spam comments won't be count!
Died Line : 22/July
Good Luck
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  1. I think this is are great idea :)
    sd username: missymissy1238

  2. what happened to the cover girl dish contest?

  3. sd username : miss.ladygaga20 :D xxx

  4. posts, waiting for the new fashion,
    the user name: RockinCreyzi

    Goog Luck!

  5. @rosirosiful:
    It's kkrrbb78, did you receive your prize? Message me on stardoll(;

  6. so you have to install the widget that counts only comments for one month - where is it?? or are you counting the everytime commenter?

    1. You can see the widget on the right side of the blog ;)
      Yes I do