Oleg Dou

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Russian artist Oleg Dou is known for his surreal photography that borders on the grotesque. Born in Moscow in 1983. Dou’s mother, who is a painter, created all of the clothing the models wear. His father was a dress designer, and when he was younger, his mother took him to art exhibits and introduced him to her artist friends. He started out as a web designer who liked photography as a hobby and then realized he could combine the two to create something unique. His work is created using a digital camera and Photoshop.

Oleg has exhibited worldwide and has won several awards. His pieces are very valuable to art collectors and in 2011 his pieces were some of the top sellers in art auctions. He has been creating these amazing portraits since 2005. I have selected two photos from each of his series to introduce you to his work, tell me what do you think?

Toy Story

Another Face




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  1. love these! such a talent and such effort put in more people should be commenting x

  2. I really love his art. Its genious!

  3. They're strange but in a good way :P

  4. very nice pic..... well done :)