Sunday, May 27, 2012

 My first days in kitchen was long and so hard, who said working in the kitchen is like a piece of cake? It's really hard and you can't resist the delicious smell that It's came out from cooking. Last week, I had the opportunity (for the first time in my life) to join the kitchen and to know some secrets of making food from my mum. I made different dishes like Oregano Pastries, Fried Potato, Tamreeh, Marinated Aubergine and Vermicelli Soup.

 First Dish: Zaater (Oregano) Pastries فطائر الزعتر الأخضر 
It's mixed of  Nabulsi Cheese,Pregano and Onion, It's really delicious dish


Second Dish: Fried Potato بطاطا مقلية
 Who doesn't like the crispy and salty flavor?



Third Dish: Tamreeh تمرية
It's a traditional dessert from my county Palestine - Nablus, we called it Tamreeh or Dates but it doesn't has Dates because of  the poor economical conditions in Palestine. At the beginning we fried the pudding then we added the sugar to gave it that sweet flavor, I think you must try it ;)


Fourth Dish: Marinated Aubergine متبل باذنجان
I think I've posted about this dish before, well it's not my favorite dish to eat but it has a good taste for breakfast at the morning with Onion and green Pepper.


Fifth Dish: Vermicelli Soup شوربة شعيرية
Last dish is one of my favorites, it's Vermicelli soup.

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  1. me too girls ... i wish i had some of them ...... ymmeee ymeee