Thursday, May 17, 2012

A toast to all the bunnies out there! Those who were famous during my time and now almost forgotten for the new characters that have taken over the world of classic fairy tales, classic book characters and toons. Where have all the cute cuddly creatures gone? and people wondering why our society is getting more violent. Duh ._. 

Anyway, yesterday the weather was little but cloudy which makes me feel I'm not okay! I was bored and I didn't want to study for my Arabic exam because i had to memorize 2 Arabian poems in the classical language which it so hard for me! So.. I've decided to make Cocktail with my mum using Carrots and Apple. We put cold Water, Milk, Sugar,Vanilla and Cocoa with small slices of Carrots and Apples all together in Moulinex Blender (The magical machine).

I'd like to give the cup an Hawaiian background so i added 2 slices of Carrots on the top on the cup and some fresh Carrots jam .

Check out the pictures :)

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  1. WOw, I could've sworn you were a professional photographer by these photos!

  2. well done and the pic are very nice