Friday, May 11, 2012

"Hater makes me famous" it's the best sentence to describe what happened with me yesterday, before i post the look for today, i would like to say "Thank you"  for every critical post you made it in your blog about me. Yesterday while i was browsing some stardoll blogs, i saw a post described my style in this African dress as (ugly, horrible outfit, some dirty words and I'm kind of girls who spend there time collecting free stuff browsing proxies... blah blah blah!).  If she thinks that I'm kind of girls who spend there time collecting free stuff browsing proxies, then YES I'm at least I don't waste my time criticizing other outfits, i do something would help non superstars! I really got shocked when i see that, because she said that i told her she is the one who hacked me and

Another thing she wrote:
 "Congrats, you are our second contestant for the "You are Wearing a Horrible Outfit" reality T.V. show! Tell me, how does that incredible honor make you feel?!" sounds childish and ridiculous don't you think do?

Why you are so nervous and enthusiastic while you were writing this post? Remember Ghandoora is just a doll, she's in pixels in a virtual website!! So... take it easy and get a life ;)

I used cream warp dress from "Windows on the world" 7 stardollars with tanned pleather satchels and traditional shoe, I like to add beaded bib necklace from "ELLE" 2 stardollars i bought it since 2 years ago. I would like to wear another shoe like high heel but i haven't got one. I think this look is suitable for summer ;) What do you think?

Cream warp dress - Windows on the world
Beaded bib necklace - ELLE
Tanned pleather satchels 
Traditional shoe 

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  1. i think you took Lindsey too seriously XD

  2. I can't stand Lindsey.(Even though I'm trying (Underline trying) to like everyone....) And I DON'T think you took her too seriously. I admire you for being so calm about it because I woulda been ticked off and I would have shared a few words with her. Just my honest opinion. -El