Monday, April 02, 2012

Yesterday was the first of April, many girls on the blog were waiting to saw their name as the winner of top commenter, but first I want to thanks everybody who commented on the blog, It was so interesting to read all of your comments and feel that you like my posts.

But, I was little bit sad when I went to old posts and saw that some girls had commented many times like spam with the same comment or separated the comment into parts or just typing faces like this ":D" (just for being in the top commenter) and that's kind of cheating! So.. next month I will keep filtering the comments according to have more fair in the competition :)

and now let's say congratulation to Indigo26 who commented 224 comments!! WOW thank you a lot darling .. you deserve the 100 SD and 300 SC and hard luck for all :D
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  1. Thank u thank u thank u! oh my gosh!!

    @ Justineann
    well done to u too :)

  2. wow congratulations, apparently your little tricks work (; clever girl

  3. @ rosirosiful

    tricks? i hope u dn't think i cheated...