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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this nice weather and spring break! I know I am! I can't wait to get out of school(;
Anyways, this week on the Covergirl Dish Competition our bottom 3 contestants were given a chance to show more of their talent and creativity. All 3 of them did a wonderful job, but one of them will be eliminated. 
The 3 of them had to write 2 blog posts, and use two certain images and try to re-create makeup and an outfit.

Rosario_kira (rosirosiful):

Blog posts:

Rosario_kira choose to work with image 1 in the outfit category:

First picture for makeup


Blog posts:

For the outfit, she choose image 2

Indigo26 decided to use the first image for makeup

Blog Posts:
Makeup: Image 1

Outfit: Image 2


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  1. Oh gosh! am i nervous! :S Handing in this entry was one of the hardest with everyone on my case and arguing but never the less i got it in and now i can only hope i make it :)

  2. @kkrrbb when will you announce the results?

  3. @rosirosiful:
    not sure! i usually post on sunday, but i dont know if i will have time since it is easter!

  4. @kkrrbb oh ok then, don't worry (: take your time and enjoy vacations

  5. i do't think it's fair on anyone if we are allowed to vote as much as we want (once a day) don't you think so too?

  6. @indigo I agree, but the last time the poll reapeared to me everytime y refreshed the blog but kkrrbb said the vote only counted once so I don't know if the situation is the same this time o,o

  7. @ Rosario

    I hope it is! I don't want someone who particularly doesn't like me to vote me a million times :O

  8. @all
    yes a vote is only counted once, dont worry. i dont know why it does that on your computers, but believe me i'll know whos voting more than once. you can only vote once per computer