Looking For Writers (OPEN)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Do you have what it takes?
Are you the kind of person who loves blogging ?
 Do you have special talent and wanted to share it with us?
If the answer to these questions is "YES" then you could be just what I'm looking for. click here to fill out the form & post it under comments. Please be honest & fill out everything. I will contact you if you got the job :)

** P.S : you have to be Public Follower according to get the job **
Every month there will be a poll for voting for the "Writer Of The Month
The winner (Writer) will get 100 Stardollars as a gift ;)

And remember you can comment below by telling me your ideas/new segments for the blog.

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  1. Please can i wrote for the blog? Im a public follower and would post 5 times a week and take the job very seriously thanks, I have wrote for diffrent blogs before, 3 to be precise and 2 have other a 1000 followers and the other 1 has 673, want a link to one of the blogs i write for? Send me a guestbook comment at molly09forever, Thanks ♥

  2. @ Molly09forever: Please go to this link http://ghandoora94.blogspot.com/p/looking-for-writer.html then fill the form under comments.

  3. Hello,
    I was wondering if there were any interviewer positions available?

  4. I want very much to become writer:) I applied:) I hope you choose me:)

  5. Are we supposed to put our applications here too?

    Stardoll username: Rara_Lady

    Applying for: writer

    Example of work (in Tinypic or imgur): http://imgur.com/CU1Lt

    Past/Present blogs/magazines you have worked for: I have no legit experience besides from my personal club where I tell my friends whats going on in my life. I also have an album magazine.
    Why do you want to write for Ghandoora's Blog? Because it would be a great oppurtunity to work with you, the great Ghandoora. I've always admired your work and success. I also think that writing for such a large audience would be fun. I just want to be part of 'The Boss' team. :)

    Your ideas/new segments for the blog:
    i. Review different blogs and critique them
    ii. 'Modeland' where I interview stardolls hottest models
    iii. 'Dear Diary' a segments where I make 'journal' entries and share it with everyone
    iv. A stardoll acting competition. Where the contestants (actors) have to direct and star in their our starmovie in the hopes of becoming stardoll's next actor (or some other name we come up with)