I can't hide her talent !!

Monday, April 09, 2012

While i was searching on stardoll for talented dolls, i stopped on this girl called "Alhane" she joined stardoll in 2011-08-11 i think she is from Brazil. Anyway the first thing in her that tooks my eyes is her face, she made it in such an amazing way you can't even describe it!! the wrinkles looks like they are real and the same for the teeth. When i was reading her presentation she took me in another world, her creativity is amazing, she has an wonderful inspiration to create fabulous and stunning suite. 

I wonder how do she looks in real life?? :3

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  1. Her suites are very surrealistic but still very original :)

  2. This is absolutely amazing. Dolls like this should be covergirl! I love the talent and her unique style ♥

  3. WOW She is so talented and the suites are amazing !

  4. Talented yes!!But also very ugly ;/