9.Apr.2012 TRIP

Thursday, April 26, 2012

 9.Apr.2012 was wonderful day, i can't forget the moment when our school planned to have a trip to Jarash or Gerasa (Ancient Greek), Before a day we went to the supermarkets to buy some goodies like chips, chocolate, juices...ETC. In 9.Apr.2012we were ready in the school at 7 AM but unfortunately we had to wait till 11 AM when all buses arrived, so i got nervous-ed because it was HOT day! Anyway, we started the trip and the ambiance in the bus was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and i meant it! All the girls were dancing and shouting even our school's manager and teachers were dancing too ^^ 

But, they didn't take us to Jarash were there is The Roman Amphitheater,The circus/hippodrome and The Corinthium column and much more, we were in such as a desert place (actually it's the best word to describe it). Various feelings were inside me i was happy and sad in the same time, when i saw poor people and how do they live it was so sad, but i really was happy with my friends. Enjoy the pictures !!



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