Top Commenter win 100 SD !!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Good morning my readers
 Today is the 1st of March.. hope this month will bring to us the happiness and the good health :)
March: Its motto, "Courage and strength in times of danger." ” -  William Morris

Last month "Top Commenter" was back to our blog .. but i got disappointment because there was no active in the blog as it used to before .. i only saw 1 or 2 comments !! Now let's say congratulation to ..
with 125 comments .. contact me in 24 hours to get your gifts ;)
*Thank you a lot for everyone who comment in the blog* 

New Competition >> Comment as much as you can
PRIZE : 100 Stardollars & 300 Starcoins !
** Be sure you are PUBLIC FOLLOWER **
Died Line : 1/April 
Good Luck
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  1. ooohhh!! are u gna reset the top commenter thingy?

  2. That's awesome and congrats!

  3. oh congratz it was like a shock i was at the top one day and her name wasn't even on and the next day poof she was there with 125 not being n]mean or anything but isn't a little sucpiciouse anyway congratz :D

  4. @ candyflossfa : yeah i know . but she commented on old posts .. that's why ;)

    Hard Luck

  5. ok :) i have got to comment comment comment!

  6. @ ghandoora

    but isn't that cheating or necause she new if she did it she would of one and what she posted 125 times on one post sorry if i sound mean im not trying to :D

  7. @ candyflossfa : no honey .. i have checked it out, she commented on different posts !!

  8. sorry candyflossfa I earned it and I commented on old posts because they were interesting and I was searching for more information,so i decided I can do it and I did it.Thanks Ghandoora!!!I couldn't comment any more soon anyway thanks.And I was not cheating I was commenting and yeas I was on maybe 7th or 8th place on the list and I didn't just pop up.

  9. @llhana

    oh so sorry for critasising you plz forgive me :D

  10. I want to win this sooooooooooooooo bad!

  11. @ offices boca raton
    Its a top commenter competition ;)

  12. This comp is RIVALRY i tell you!!!

  13. i love your blog
    do you no me i am saxon-boateng
    on stardoll

  14. i love u
    nice blog
    do you now me ? i am saxon-boateng
    on stardoll.

  15. at this moment i feel like crying! i had 210 comments now i have 143!

  16. there is seriously something whack about the comment counter :'(