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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hi !
while searching on stardoll i saw this Bone heels shoe on "Design 4" for 10 Stardollars. After searching for real version for it, i've found out that if you want to buy it on real life then you have to pay $ 1495.00 because these shoes are made up of spinal cord segments, of course not real human bones.
Personally, i love the idea they are stunning ;)

What do you think girls ?
Will you buy it ?
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  1. They're very cool but I wouldn't buy them :P

  2. I LOVE THESE SHOES!! i want to buy them on stardoll. I think i'm going to! <3

  3. i wouldn't waer them its just plain weird wearing a spine on your shoe :S


  4. I think the sd version is better than the real life

  5. I would were them but only if it was made of plastic not spine thats crazy

  6. they look really creepy and uncomfortable so I wouldn't buy them

  7. no one likes them!? they are AWESOME!! of course they aren't real spine! lol guys ;)

  8. @Indigo26

    I know they are awesome and it says spinalcord segment but it isnt really human they probably just copied the spine pattern and made it with plastic