Real Version

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hi ;)
Today I found this photo I've made from ages on my another account on stardoll and i didn't have the opportunity to post it. So here is what i have, "Donatella Versace" produced the grommeted, bustier, scarf-hem lined,and exposed-zippered Versace Resort 2012 collection.

In my opinion, i don't think stardoll version looks similar to the real one, it' completely another dress, they didn't add the golden belt, and didn't draw the same print. Even the bag color, it's green in the real version and they made it BLUE in stardoll !! hahaha

I will rate it 2/5
What about you ??
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  1. I have never actually seen that dress or bag....weird :?

  2. I would use the purse but I don't like the dress that much, the real life version is better though

  3. who else has never seen it on stardoll? or is it just me?

  4. But Actually I like the real version more !