It's the weekend

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello my lovely readers :) sorry I haven't make a post recently I was busy with my exams!
Last week, I went to the mall with my sister last Friday, the weather was amazing! After walking in the first floor we went to the second floor to "BeautyBay" shop .. I love this shop it has my favorite kinds of perfume, but unfortunately I didn't find my favorite which is it "Avon"!!
After 2 hours, we went to "Stradivarius" and i bought a white cloth shirt with Burberry tie, I bought light black cotton sweatsuit, Maybelline mascara COLO SSAL and finally (Chips, Chocolate & Candy) to be in the mood ;)

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  1. Hey sis,,, i thought the shirt is for me !!!! It's ok you can take it :) but really it was amazing day with you honey

  2. I love the COLOSALL mascara it is amazing

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  4. Oh my god, ur so luck!Burberry <3