Final 4

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that we have our final 4 contestants! They have all worked so hard, and we are now down to the round that really means the most. The person who is eliminated in this round will not receive a prize, but more of an honorable mention. The person in 4th place will be written about as well as the people who take home the prizes. You will see what I mean later! (;

So, this week the contest is a lot harder than usual. You will have to work in pairs. I will need all of you to write about your partner. I need you to say how hard she worked, if she deserves to be in the final three (with explanation of course), how she was (or not) helpful, etc. So, basically all of you will be keeping a small "diary" this week. I need you all to send it to me on SATURDAY (the 10th) because your entries are due the Sunday (The 11th.) I really advise you not to rush, but PLEASE be done before Saturday! 

Team 1;   
        Rosario_kira & Sta998           
Team 2;
  Indigo26 & Depi2

In this round you are responsible for;
-Being a good team member
-Making a design, incorporating it on to stardoll, & yourself/and or celebrity
-Keeping your personal diary
-Judging your team member.

The Challenge
This week you must design (hand draw, use computer, etc.) an outfit with your partner. Be as creative as you can, but YOU MUST equally share the work with your partner. I don't want to hear about someone doing all the work (if this happens, I need to hear about this in your diary but I HOPE I don't hear about this.) Your outfit must be based on a celebrity, or your own clothes. You must explain to me why you choose this outfit, and how you incorporated it into your own sketch. Lastly, you must incorporate your sketch and real clothes into a stardoll outfit. You can use anything you like with this outfit. You may even design the clothes in your outfit in the starbazaar design. I am not looking for perfection, so please try your best and have fun!

I see that this may be confusing since you don't know each other, but I advise you to split the work evenly. You can send each other pictures of your work by using tinypic via stardoll, or email. Just remember, if you use stardoll make sure to do this: tiny{REMOVE}pic. Stardoll will use stars to block out the link if you dont.

Use print screen with Windows 7, Mac, Windows Vista, and XP

I know this may be hard, but have fun and good luck!
I am not looking for perfection(;


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  2. ^ghandoora's blog & kkrrbb's posts are so good are u serious??????

  3. am i serious? why you think that? i am serious. it is good why?

  4. your blog is good, but it is kind of rude to go and comment on someone's blog saying that yours is better

  5. omg can i pull this together??? :S

  6. @ gold_moon56 : please no advertise or i will block you!

  7. I'm a bit -or maybe a lot- confused..What do you mean that we have to write a diary?And how we will share the work with the parthner?As we dont know each other we can't meet & draw the outfit together or something like this..

  8. @despina: the diary is your own. I just want you to write about what your partner did, if they deserve to move on, etc. You can type it on Microsoft word and message it to me when you are done with it. That's the fun of it! You have to work together. I would advise you to divide the work and show each other the pictures over tinypic.

  9. @gold_moon56: Please don't advertise, and if you really judge people and act as rude as you are, that shows how low you are. That's called cyber bullying, and it is not tolerated.

  10. So I'll make one part of the outfit,then I'll show it to my parthenr she will printscreen it and continue the work?

  11. yes u can do that, whatever you like(;