Thursday, February 23, 2012

Contestants....readers...., here we go again! It is time to vote one person off of the Covergirl Dish Contest. I REALLY want you to think of who deserves to win...this is the last week when the winner will receive the prize of immunity....and even something else. Lets just's week challenge is going to involve a lot of trabajo en equipo (or team work) (;

1. Sta998-Winter (x) 
2. Indigo26-Summer (X) 
3. B.E.P.Fan_4ever-Winter ((Eliminated))
4. Rosario_kira-Spring (X)
5. Depi2-Spring (x) 
6. lillyannelovely-Summer (x) 

Who Should Be Out This Week?

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  1. omg! i am soo nervous! help me! :S

  2. I voted for Rosairo_kira.She is really talented but,other aren't bad!Good luck!

  3. @ IIhana you're ment to vote for who should be eliminated not who should stay!

  4. @Ilhana
    lol! you were supposed to vote someone out!