Valentine day ?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine day will be after 3 days .. i'm not going to celebrate it as many others do because i'm Muslim and we only have 2 holiday in Islam! but as a day to share with others the feelings you have .. I will say : 
I love you my family

I saw this picture on facebook before 2 days ago, i love it so much .
Everything in life like "Friend/ Boyfriend/ Girlfriend/ Bestfriend" END ! except "Family" it's end with ILY = I love you ^^

And as stardoll used to do in any holiday, today is the last day to upgrade your superstar membership to get these items. i like the chairs too much but unfortunately i can't upgrade right now !!

So .. will you celebrate the Valentine day ??
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  1. where I live we dont celebrate it except at home, the schools have banned valentines day

  2. i got the valentines pass and yeh most schools banned valentines day i mean why ????? :S

  3. yes baby u r right ... i love my family :)

  4. I don't celebrate Valentines day...because I'm a muslim. :D

  5. @Ilhana
    I'm muslim too ^^, Don't celebrate it either