Friday, February 03, 2012

Tired with filet ... well yes while I'm writing this post , I'm so tired because of walking for more than 4 hours in the mall !! At 4 Pm, I prepared myself and I went out to the mecca mall with my sister, while we were in the car, I took these pictures for sky in this cold weather with 5 degrees.

We reached Mecca Mall .. and while my sister was parking her car , I saw this stupid cat (she took 15 minutes to walk on the ground ^^) Finally .. after 20 minutes we are in Mecca Mall ..

 On the first ground .. i went to my favorite shop called " Al - Fghanee " it's Arabic name ;P .. this shop has wonderful collection of old antiques and some folk stuff :)

 Here as you see in this picture , " Kofeah " the Palestinian scarf (the one in black & white) and the " Hattah " the Jordanian scarf (the one in red & white) .. the one of them cost 7.50 JD

and other pictures for old antiques :)


After 1 hour of walking .. i stopped in "Center Points" and i took some photos for these (New Arrival Collection) , this wallet from Suzy Smith cost 23.50 JD which is so expensive !! :S


But .. i love this bag , i will buy it next time, i can describe it as my style because of bow ^^

 also i love this blue jacket from Stradivarius for 55.50 JD , which is so so expensive !! :S
i hope i can find one like it in cheap price :S

Before leaving .. as usual i went to Prime Mega store to keep up with the latest magazines ;)

At 7:30 we back to our home , and i smelled the beautiful Filet that my mum had prepared :D

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  1. seems like you had a great day and i loved that bag jw how old r u?

  2. WoW .... it was lovely day with U Boss :)

  3. what a good day and the food looks good i was stuck in school all day :(

  4. I love this post! You get to see how a trip to the mall is like for you. Here, in South Africa,its very different! :)

  5. So cool!I love it and the figures and!