a makeup tutorial by me

Friday, February 03, 2012

a tutorial i made  themed ice princess or just icy!1:D
set up your facial features like this 

add lengthening mascara to both eyes

                                           add melting ice eye dust to both eye but just a little bit

add  regatta eye dust so there is enough space to see the light blue underneath

                                                                            add white eye pencil around both eyes

                                            add cloud dancer eye dust to outer corner of each eye

add beach peach glitter lipstick to lips

                                                               add any red blush to cheeks only a little bit

add fake eyelashes to the eyes and if you want it to be an ice princess ad a crown !!:D

fineshing look
sorry it's really bad im so sorry but hope you try it out and like it :D

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  1. no its a good tutorial most people just say the color and dont show what the container is also other people usually dont zoom in on the makeup they get like half their body in it and expect us to be able to see the makeup

  2. oh g thanks i usualy get hates not likes :D u just made my day

  3. No offence but this makeup is too much....
    doesn't even match your complexion or eye shape...
    I'm disappointed.... I'm looking more forward to better one hun..

  4. I do not like the eye shape,you can do better!