Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HI DOLLS Today it was snowing all the day .. can't wait for tomorrow morning to play outside, while I was on stardoll I came up with new idea for my lovely readers .. every week you are going to get a look inspired by me. Before 2 days I dressed up my medoll a look which you can called it my "Dream Look" Chic, Glamours & Classy !!

I started this look with this Windblown GAGA hat from "Tingeling"! Then .. I chose Bubble Hem from "Bonjour Bizou" for 6 Stardollars ;) and some accessories would make some effects to the look, I chose Alexandra Knight clutch from "Rio" and Thick Belt from "Tingeling", and for sure the look wouldn't be perfect without HeroicHeels from "Tingeling" for 2 starcoins ! So .. as you see, it's really cheap outfit for 6 Stardollars & 2 starcoins ONLY !! :) Do you like it ?

Windblown GAGA hat - Tingeling
Alexandra Knight clutch - Rio
Bubble Hem - Bonjour Bizou 
Heroic Heels - Tingeling
Thick Belt - Tingeling

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