Elimination-Week 3

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hello everyone! Week 3 was a very big success. Well, here are the results! Week 4's task will be up on Sunday! Contestants---good job all!

Candyflossfa...I'm sorry my love, but you're out. You made it far. Great job always turning in your entries, and working hard! Make sure to sign up for my next contest(:

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  1. Well done Candyflossfa you mad it far :) I was sooo close to going too! I need to up my game! Thank you to all those who didn't send me out lol XD can't wait till Sunday!!

  2. o thx theres always a next time and i will be signing up fpr the next cycle :D ps: was it people with the most votes go or the person with the most votes win cuse it wasn't really clear :S

    1. yeah it was people with the most votes go, because the poll said something like: which contestant should leave? :) But congrats on making it this far! xoxo