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Sunday, January 08, 2012

I would like to say that these results are fair, since we have had 41 people voting.

(click to enlarge)

Congratulations...depi2! You only got one vote! You should be proud of yourself! You are immune (you can't get voted out) for the next week. Excellent work.

iluvladygaga232, i'm are out. I think people mainly voted you out because you simply used clothing items instead of more creative items. I'm sorry too see you leave this early. You are welcome to vote and watch this contest go on. Sorry:(

And the second person out is....
No one.
For now.

Two girls are tied. amy253, and candyflossfa. So, viewers of this is your choice. Who do you believe should be out?

(Poll Closes Wednesday)

Vote here!

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  1. Aww that's okay ;D I kinda thought I would be out, because, when I'm sick, I have like, NO creativity. [not to be excusive]

  2. Well done for iluveladygaga232 for lasting as long as you did, sad to see you go, sad to hear you were sick.
    Congratulations to the rest!

  3. phew! I survived!
    I'm actually surprised to see candyflossfa in the bottom I quite liked the napkin dress I thought it was amazing (no offence to Amy253) :)

    good luck to you both xx

  4. Glad I made it. I'm happy I got only two votes :D Good luck to the bottom two , oh and no worries Isabel (iluvladygaga232), you should be proud that you got this far x ;3 x

  5. wow Im very very happy!!

  6. Congrats,all!! out or in you did great work!

  7. oh im sad that im in elimanation but im happy that the rest of you got through if i get out theres always a next time :D

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