Weird fashion

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sorry for the HUGE wait.

But all that matters is I'm Back!

Anyway today's weird fashion is:

Just to ask: WHO in their right mind would wear this?!?!

Tell me your opinions in the comments.

Because I have been away so long the best opinion will win a ss gift!

So get commenting little dollies!

xxxx itr15/Rosie

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  1. woah! Crazy hat party, Lady Gaga look alike event?
    That outfit is C-R-A-Z-Y!
    The dress and shoes look very Paris Hilton where as the hat goes all the way to Lady Gaga/ Mardi Gras freak! haha XD I think this Lady is going to some royal event that requires an elegant dress and hat but she's gone all wack-o with the hat!
    I think people should remember that yes, fashion is sometimes crazy but should never go to the extreme where you look like a fool! :)

  2. This outfit is not cool.
    I see that Indigo26 compared her with Gaga. I think it's wrong. Some of the gaga's outfits are very nice and unique to the public's eye, so people like them. But this? This totally hurts your eyes. Just too much pink and we know that wearing too much pink was in only in 2000, but hello it's 2012. Change your outfit young lady, sincerely our eyes can't stand you!

  3. @ Eris
    I compared her to Gaga for the off-beat-ness i agree gaga is stylish and unique

  4. Just goes to show ya: I would definitely
    wear this outfit! But only if I don't have to hold on to that hat with my hands the whole time I'm wearing it. Yeah, it's KOOKY, but so am I.

  5. Agreed with JanaStarlite, I would totally wear it too. I think it would compliment my purplish-pink hair perfectly. ;]

  6. Are you sure thats a real person..... It looks like a art museum artifact or maybe a British tea party outfit for Gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yeah she must be CRAZY to wear that

  8. I think a crazy person like Lady Gaga??? :D