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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Good morning our readers
sorry because I'm not posting here as used to , but promised in 23.Jan , this blog will have many new things ;)
any way , yesterday i saw on the Television this video from India in " Indian's got talent " show 

well i have no comment about it , i don't know if there is real people can do this ! what i love in this video the reaction for the Judges ^^

watch it .. it's unbelievable O_O
** if you are sensitive please don't watch it ** 

What about you ??
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  1. proud to be an indian...see what indians can do?//....indians rock...but tht was scary!! :)))

  2. 1st, this is violence! Not talent.
    2nd, How the Hell are these judges clapping!
    3rd, this should have been stopped immediately.
    4th, HOW CAN U gift them 2 lakhs... This is not talent!

  3. seriously guys i'm getting no clues from the comments so far plzz can someone give me a heads up on the video b4 i scare myself too much? lol :)

  4. Ugh indigo26, DO NOT watch it DX it's scary DX

  5. ok....don't think i'm gna watch it..nm XD