Is This Too Hard...?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello everyone! I noticed that only one of you have handed in your entry? If you guys think this is too hard than that's OKAY. you want me to make it easier? PLEASE RESPOND:)

Challenge for this week (So you can see if it's too hard or not)

1. Sta998
3. Indigo26
4. B.E.P.Fan_4ever
5. Rasario_kira
6. Depi2 (Immune for this week)
7. afrin_98
8. Cherrycola24

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  1. i don't think it's to hard i mean this is a seriouse comp things have to start getting hard some time you know what i mean !! :D ( lol i was the only one that put the entry in :D)

  2. You said we have to do it by Sunday & I will. Honestly, I think you rushing things won't help. I'm in the process of designing the wig so please be patient. God..

  3. i think its a bit hard for non-ss like me.. coz we have to search for someone to buy the wig...

  4. I think its easy for the superstars but its not for the non superstars like me..I cant buy the wig and nobody wants to pay in order to be a model..

  5. if you want I can make the wig,upload it at tinypic as I cant buy it and then put make-up at an other doll..

  6. @*Sta998* Uh I'm not trying to rush anything at all. I'm sapposed to post about the contest Sunday & Wednesday. I just felt like many people had an un-fair advantage. Sorry I offended you. I just think everyone deserves a fair entry

  7. @despina: that is a good idea...but idk this comp is too....idk i dont want to say unsuccessful but the judges don't pay any attention to the contest and so many people were eliminated just for being lazy

  8. I think it is very hard for nonsuperstars :/ I am not able to sell it, and I dont have much time to search for people who would like to make a wig for me just to be my model.. and I don't want to be having to bug anyone
    I think that despina's suggestion is fair for us nonsuperstars (:

  9. I got my Stardoll bestie to do it & posted the link on the original blog :)

  10. @ Kayci
    I'm not trying to be difficult but is a bit difficult for non-ss because besides finding someone to buy the wig they have to blindly design one and tell their model what it should look like. I think it would be better if we could find someone who designs wigs use one in her beauty parlour and then do her make-up what do you say Kayci?
    :) xx

  11. what are we going to do finally?