I'm a bit embarrassed now...

Monday, January 09, 2012

Oh god. I'm so sorry, my stupid laptop kept breaking&freezing&wouldn't connect to the internet. But I'm back now ! The results from the poll are in :

Well done to everyone who entered but we do have 3 winners ! Cherrycola24, Depi2 and Funkymoomo1 are through to the next round(:

For this final round you will be asked to create a styled outfit on the theme I've given you. You will have to create an outfit&make-up - to the best standard ! Remember prizes are won ! I have randomly given you a style, please don't complain about your theme, its completely random ! You can use any items you want to create this, but it must be original and 100% coming from you !

Cherrycola24 - your theme is ice creams

Picture for inspiration

Depi2 - your theme is Forest/Woodland

Picture for inspiration

Funkymoomoo1 - your style is Hippy

Picture for inspiration

You have until next WEDNESDAY (18th January) to complete this task.


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  1. http://i40.tinypic.com/25yudfd.png
    I hope you like it

  2. I'll do mine either today or tomorrow depending on how long my homework takes :]

  3. Sorry for the awfulness, I couldn't find anything with a peace sign and I don't have any stardollars to make my own x]